Friday, January 21, 2011


i had a pretty good birthday. the celebration started tuesday night. i went to the UTAH vs. BYU game in slc with my roomie kryshelle and her boyfriend and family. then we went to a dessert party for my bff/ next door neighbor brooke. she turned 20. after that me and the roomies and em dawg had a little dance party and drank some apple cider. then when the clock stroke 12 we had a knock at our door with some birthday carolers. while me, say dawg, and em dawg (i give everyone nicknames with dawg on the end of it if they are really cool) were dancing crystal and kryshelle plastered the door to my room with pictures of my crush. yes i turned 20 and i still act like a 13 year old little girl. buuuut at least this crush ( who is going to reman name-less for the sake of embarrassment [but you should all already know]) is actually attainable.. or maybe not because he has a girlfriend. but my friends there is still hope.
anyways when i saw that i dropped to the floor and screamed. and it is still on my door.

then wednesday morning rolls around. i had the day off so naturally i slept in. i woke up to a couple of calls from crystal but decided to ignore them until i got up. obviously she still doesn't seem to get that i sleep in. but mom does. she called me around 12 and she said "i waited a while to call because i knew you would be sleeping in.."

i got up, got ready, went to MAC and got a make over, bought some new make up, abercrombie told me i couldn't my jacket price adjusted because some gay flagship store bull crap, found out i am going to be an aunt to another baby boy! ( bytheway has anyone ever noticed that T&J found out that B was a boy on the anniversary of M's death. and that baby #2 is going to be born on his grandma lee's birthday.. and that they found out the sex of baby #2 on MY birthday. clearly i rank up to the level of importance of grandma m [i dont know how to spell mariline] and uncle matty.)

then we went to dinner at outback.. awkward and not that tasty. and im over this post. xo

dancing to willow smith's song whip my hair. this resulted to a sore neck for a couple of days.

i broke our table because i always stand on it. now i have to stand on the chair.

they sang me happy birthday and another melody of songs.

me and my twin em dawg.

saylm. crystal. me & kryshelle.

me and my rooms in the h-dub. we spend all our time in the hallway talking for HOURSSSSSSSSs. we all have bonded so well. i honestly have the best roommates ever. i know everyone says that buttttttt theirs really arent as cool as mine. oh and i named the hallway 'h-dub' in mockery of byu and their gay nicknames like the h-vac and jsb and the lib and whatever the zoobies come up with.

everybody makes fun of me because my trapper hat, mittens, and big snow jacket are ALWAYS with me. gotta keep warm in the frozen tundra of death.

me & my roomie/bff kryshelle at the BYU vs. Utah game

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  1. Nice post, yo! So, um pretty sure I wanna see that photo on your door but wait, I see him around town up nevermind, live in person is better. And Happy Birthday, Dawg!